Cherokee Veteran Community - Male Veteran Group – The male veteran community group provides a supportive environment for veterans from all branches and all eras of service to once again experience the comradery and connection they experienced while serving in the military.


This group meets weekly on Thursday evenings at First Baptist Church Woodstock Building “A” room 260. Our group starts at 6:30 p.m. and on most evenings we provide light finger food so if you are coming from work or another place, it isn’t necessary to stop for something to eat before you get to the meeting.  Map to FBCW:


Veterans connect with other veterans that understand the struggles and emotions that are connected with re-integrating back into civilian life, combat-related issues, and daily life issues that came from their military service, or life in general, that at times hold us back from our forward progress.


Some evenings are lighthearted while others can bring out a host of emotions and memories that have been hidden deep inside that are not beneficial to us if kept covered up. The group is NOT a professional counseling session, these are “Battle Buddy” type groups where other veterans who not just sympathize with the feelings and emotions being shared, but who have gone through the same things. We are there to support each other and we are confident you will see and feel that for yourself when you join us.


Simply show up. There is no signup needed. This you can be assured of, you will be standing alongside other veterans who have been there, who understand and care and who will be supportive as we navigate life together.


Cherokee Veteran Community - Female Veterans & Family Group - The female veteran community group provides the same supportive environment as talked about above with one addition. The female veterans group will have a Military Family and Friends of veterans’ component to it.


With a family member being deployed for the first time or being deployed again, there will be struggles, stresses, and emotions that they don’t understand or know how to deal with.  No one understands these situations better than a veteran or a military family that has gone through it themselves. With this addition to the female veteran community, no family or friend of someone serving in the military will be standing alone. Together they will share and help each other to connect more easily to a military person’s life.   


This group will meet once a month, with light snacks provided. The location and time change from time to time and could be held in a home setting for a more relaxed atmosphere or at the church for convenience.


If you are interested in being part of a group (veteran, family member or friend) contact us at or call 678) 494-2680


We are Standing Strong Should to Shoulder and we are Stronger Standing Together then when we are standing alone. Veterans, Military Family’s or Friends of a Veteran.


Beauties and BootsBeauties and Boots is a Sisterhood whose mission is to empower military families through comradery and shared experiences. We are Movement that Inspires Women to Walk in Their own Shoes while Marching through Military Life. We make a difference in the lives of military women and military spouses, by providing a social community. Contact:     Website:

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