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Supporting Our Veterans, Active Duty Military and their Families  

SUPPORT - This open to ALL Veterans, Active-duty service members, and Non-Military family members (spouses, parents, parents of current military members and adult siblings) Together they share the daily stresses, concerns, and fears of being connected to the military while offering support, understanding, compassion, and fellowship.

The group uses Christian faith-based material for discussions that help to deepen our relationship with Christ and with each other. Some topics are light while others can go deeper and can touch the areas in our lives where pain lives.  

SPOUSES OF MILITARY MEMBERS – A supportive network of military spouses who care for home and family while their husbands or wives are deployed. Monthly meetings

BATTLE BUDDIES – Provides an outreach to our home bound or disabled veterans that offers a social outlet they are missing while insuring their living and nutritional needs are being met.

WeCareBoxes – “WeCareBoxes”  go to our deployed service members who are deployed around the world in areas outside of the U.S. with personal and comfort items they cannot secure easily while deployed. Ongoing mission.

VETERANS & COMMUNITY SUPPORT Offers veteran resources for education, employment, health and wellness, family support.  We also provide community education on veteran issues and needs that the community can join is us in. 

For more information about CVC please call us at 678-494-2680 or email us at

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“BattleBuddiesAtHome” – Is a mission of Cherokee Veterans Community that reaches out to our home-bound and disabled veterans to first offer them a social outlet they are often missing. We will also survey their home for any needed repairs that when completed can help their quality of life at home and make life easier and safer. We will also provide nutritional assistance as needed. This mission is an ongoing mission not a seasonal one.  

This mission, like all our missions are provided FREE of charge as part of our ministry.

If you know of a Veteran that could benefit from “BattleBuddiesAtHome”, please contact us at or call 678-494-2680

Cherokee Veterans Community is the Military Ministry at First Baptist Church Woodstock.

Cherokee Veterans Community

Cherokee Veterans Community has many parts to it from reintegration back to civilian life to assisting our veterans  with everyday life issues and needs .  


Cherokee Veterans Community is not just for veterans. Everyone, veteran and non-veteran alike who cares about our veterans are welcome to serve along with us. 

Part of our mission is to serve our senior or disabled veterans with needs and projects around their homes that they are no longer able to provide  for themselves.  Providing these services allows us to physically show we care.  However, the most important part of these projects is that we are touching the lives of the veteran where they live.


To show them we care with our physical service is great, however by connecting with them personally, by talking and sharing life together and letting them know we honor their service and will always remember their sacrifices, is sometimes the most important thing we can do for them. 


But there is something else that happens, we are also touched and blessed by them as they touch our lives as well.

That's a win win in anybodies book.

We are Standing Strong Shoulder to Shoulder, and we are Stronger Standing Together than when we are standing alone.

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