SHARE Military Initiative at Shepherd Center - Metro Atlanta is a comprehensive rehabilitation program that focuses on assessment and treatment for service men and women who have sustained a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury, along with co-occurring PTSD or other mental health concerns (such as depression or anxiety), from service in post-9/11 conflicts. SHARE Military Initiative provides assistance, support, and education to service members and their families during their recovery treatment and beyond.



The Freedom Experience - Local in Woodstock

The Freedom Experience is a weekly support group that enables people to experience freedom, hope, and life!

Our purpose is to provide a safe place for people to experience an authentic spiritual community leading to freedom in Christ from life-dominating struggles and strategies. Our focus is on developing real and authentic relationships that will combat addiction and other life-dominating issues through the intentional connection. INFO LINE: 678.391.5959


**** Please Note Police Change: Our policy now requires that any emotional, mental health and or substance abuse services to be located where the person lives and where they can sit face to face with trained professionals. This keeps them engaged and the professional can read not only the person words but their actions, infections and more that can aid in their care, support and ultimatum healing.


*** We no longer provide healthcare resources outside the state of Georgia.  


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