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Cherokee Veterans Community’s  “WeCareBox” mission provides support to our Armed Forces members who are serving in an active in harm’s way location anywhere around the world.


Our Mission is simple: Support our Armed Forces members while they are deployed.


"WeCareBoxes" - Are Always Free To Our Military


"WeCareBoxes" are always filled with hygiene, comfort items (snacks) and downtime items that either the military members cannot get from their PX or they just are in limited supply. 


For information how to proceed, please send us an email to or call 678-494-2680 and leave us a message. 


Thank You cards are one of the most IMPORTANT items that can be included in the boxes. Thank You cards from the community offering words of thanks and gratitude are morale boosters and provides our military members with the needed encouragement and that their service is appreciated and honored. You can simply Hand Write a "WeThankYou" card or cards and deliver them to the church office.  PLEASE DO NOT SEAL THE CARD 


For a list of items, we are always in need of please Click the Photo




Please CLICK the photo above that will take you to Our Supply List.  

  • We do not send unsolicited packages

  • Every package that is sent is at the request of a military person, their family or a friend. 

  • We do not publicize in any way or pass on to any person or organizations names that are given to us.




Are you ready to make a difference?  You can start today by making a financial donation.

Our WeCareBoxes will be packed and shipped on a regular basis so your donations are always needed.

We are hopeful that you can help us financially so we can not only continue our mission, but to expand our outreach to our veterans and active-duty military who served us so well and to their families.  



  • Want to sponsor a WeCareBox for $40?

  • Want to donate funds that will be used to purchase the items for the WeCareBox?

  • Want to pay the shipping for one or more WeCareBoxes? You can for $20 each box?  


Your donation of $50, $100, $500, or any other amount will help us to continue and expand our mission.


For more information about please contact us at or 678-494-2680









To Instructions to Donate Online:

After you click "Donate Today" Click "Tithe" and Type In The Message Box  "Military Ministry".

Enter your donation amount and information then click "Submit"


Thank You for your donation. It is crucial to our mission’s success


Donations by check?  Make your check to First Baptist Church Woodstock - and in the memo line of your check write “Military Ministry”. Mail Your Check to First Baptist Church Woodstock - Attn: Laynie Jones 11905 Highway 92 Woodstock, GA 30188  Your donation will be deposited on our account and you can use your donation as a tax deduction.


DELIVERING YOUR ITEMS TO US: Please contact David Snyder for information at 678-570-5828


On behalf of all that your donation will help. Thank You


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