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Meeting the Unique Needs of Veterans and Their Families
For those who answered their country’s call, we’re here to help you answer their final call. 
The personal sacrifices made by members of the armed forces cannot be overestimated. We deeply appreciate those who have served our country with courage and selflessness, and Cherokee Veterans Community are honored to do our part for military veterans and their families.
It is our hope that the resources on this page can help answer questions and offer guidance as you start planning a memorial worthy of a veteran family member, whether your need is now or you are planning ahead. 
ARE YOU A BUSINESS? If you are a business looking to have your information posted on this page we would be honored to talk to you. We also want you to know that since your company is a for profit company that we require you to partner with us with a small donation of $500. This donation helps us t0 continue to offer our services for FREE to our military community. 
Cherokee Veterans Community is providing the information as a resource for our veterans and their family.
** Please see the disclaimer for all links and third party websites.

In Their Honor Transports  The mission is to provide a meaningful way for families to respectfully honor and grieve, as well as celebrate with dignity, their Veteran. We will provide respectful and affordable transport services and as always strive to exceed the expectations of the families we serve. The services provided In Their Honor Transports, Inc., include having a Veteran arrive at the site of the location of the deceased Veteran, (along with another assistant as necessary), to take possession of the deceased Veteran and to transfer the deceased Veteran to the location as directed.  Contact In Their Honor Transports by going to  

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