Cherokee Veterans Community
WeCareBox Mission
Supporting and Serving our Deployed Military 
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 The Items In BOLD LISTED Are The Most Needed.

Prime Items Needed:

  1. *Eye Drops.5 oz / *Eye Saline Solution 12 oz

  2. *Saline Nasal Spray No Drip .75 oz

  3. *Anti-Itch Cream 1-3 oz.

  4. *Mouthwash (Travel Size).( no glass)

  5. *Man/Woman Razors

  6. *Hand Warmers  “HotHands”

  7. *AA Batteries  Duracell

  8. *White or Black Tube Athletic Socks (Toe & Heal reinforced)

  9. * Sunscreen SPF 30+

  10.  *Antacids -Tums / Rolaids   

  11. *Lens Wipes (any brand)

  12. Body Lotion / Body Wash / Shampoo (12 oz. or less)

  13. Foot Powder 7oz.

  14. Hand Sanitizers (large & small)

  15. *Chapstick

  16. Feminine Products (Tampons/ Pads) Brand Names Only

  17. Individual Sanitizing   

  18. Deodorant 2.7 oz./ Deodorant Ladies 2.6 oz

  19. Handi Wipes

  20. Cough Drops / Vitamin C Drops

  21. Ibuprofen, Pain Meds (100 counts or <)

  22. *Laundry Pods

Comfort Items Needed:

  1. Pringles

  2. Individual Cold Drink Mix (Gatorade, Propel, Lemonade Singles)

  3. Beef Jerky / Slim Jims (small individual pks.)

  4. Individual Drink Mix (Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Tea bags Singles) 

  5. Ramen Noodles

  6. Popcorn/sunflower seeds

  7. Granola Bars

  8. Fruit Snacks

  9. Peanut Butter Cracker Snacks

  10. Dried Fruit / Raisins /Packaged Nuts

  11. Individual Trail Mix/Snack Crackers   

  12. Cans / Jars of Nuts (no glass)

  13. Gum & Mints/ Hard Candy

  14. Pop-Tarts / Breakfast Bars

  15. Instant Oatmeal Packets

  16. Jelly (30 oz. or less, no glass)

  17. Instant Mac and Cheese (small box)

  18. Hot Sause (no glass bottles)


*** As important as all these items are probably the most cherished are LETTERS. Letters from the young to our seniors that are encouraging, uplifting and supporting help carry the recipient on some of the hardest of days. Please include these as part of any donations whenever possible.  
**Your group or organization can sponsor an Operation Rally Point Collection Event as a great way to support this mission. Contact us for guidelines. 
**** DONATIONS****
 Some people are not really sure about what to supply, so the easiest way to ensure the right item(s) are provided is to simply make a donation online or by check.
To donate Online the link and in the drop-down box select "Military Ministry"  
To Donating by Check: 
Make your check payable to First Baptist Church Woodstock and in the Memo line write "Military Ministry".  Mail your gift to: First Baptist Church Woodstock - Attn: Laynie Jones - 11905 Hwy 92 Woodstock, Georgia 30188.
On the outside of your envelope bottom left side write "Military Ministry".