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Cherokee Veterans Community

WeCareBox Mission
Supporting and Serving our Deployed Military 
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 Donations can only be received on our "Sorting, Packing and Shipping Mission Days.  Please call details 678-494-2680

Hygiene and Personal Care

  • Deodorant – Male & Female Type (Roll on or Stick) NO Aerosol Cans

  • Toothpaste  / Full size / Toothbrushes

  • Mouthwash (8.5 oz. Size). ( NO GLASS)

  • Shampoo/Conditioner – All in One type = Medium size only

  • Body Wash***

  • Wet Wipes

  • Female Hygiene Products  Varied Sizes & Types

  • Manicure Set

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Cleaning Cloths/ (for glasses/goggles)

  • Foot Powder 7oz. NO Aerosol Cans

  • Sunscreen SPF 30+ NO Aerosol Cans

  • Eye Drops.5 oz. / *Eye Saline Solution 12 oz.


Down-Time Items

  • Small Balls or Footballs

  • Puzzle Books

  • Travel-Sized Games

  • Pens/Pencils/Pads

  • Colored Pencils Pencil Sharpeners

Please AVOID the following items as we will not be able to include them


  • NO Pork or Pork By-Products (Slim Jim’s are OK)

  • NO Tobacco or Alcoholic Beverage Products

  • NO Bars of Soap

  • NO Sharp Objects (Knives, Tools, Safety Pins, etc.)

  • NO Pornography or other culturally sensitive material

  • NO Bagged Potato Chips (they crush easily) Pringle Cans are OK

  • NO Unwrapped Candies,

  • NO Nail Polish,

  • NO Perfume or Cologne


Snacks and Munchies

  • Protein Bars

  • Jerky or Meat Sticks

  • Sunflower Seeds

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit (Single Serve)

  • Hot Sauce Packets (NO GLASS)

  • BBQ Sause Packet/ (NO GLASS)

  • Single-Serve Peanut Butter or Nutella

  • Single-Serve Cereals (Boxes or Cups, no bags as they will crush easily)

  • Pop-Tarts

  • Nuts/Trail Mix (Single Serve Preferred)

  • Powdered Drink Mixes like Crystal Light or Sports Drinks (Single Serve)

  • Gum and Candy. Cans of Pringles (any size, any flavor)



Together, we can show these brave men and women who are serving around the world that Cherokee Veterans Community and our community partners are behind them, no matter what.


Thank You for you support.

WeCareBoxe Item Signup Link 

Will be posted in early January 2023

*** As important as all the above items are probably the most cherished are LETTERS. Letters from the young to our seniors that are encouraging, uplifting and supporting help carry the recipient on some of the hardest of days. Please include these as part of any donations whenever possible.  

**Your group or organization holding a WeCareBox Collection Event is a great way to support this mission.
Contact us for guidelines.  678-494-2680
**** DONATIONS****
 Some people are not really sure about what to supply, so the easiest way to ensure the right item(s) are provided is to simply make a donation online or by check.

To Instructions to Donate Online 

  1. After clicking the Link above,

  2. Click "Tithe" and *** Then Type "Military Ministry" In The Message Box  .

  3. Enter your donation amount and information then click "Submit"

To Donating by Check: 
Make your check payable to First Baptist Church Woodstock and in the Memo line write "Military Ministry".  Mail your gift to: First Baptist Church Woodstock - Attn: Laynie Jones - 11905 Hwy 92 Woodstock, Georgia 30188.
On the outside of your envelope bottom left side write "Military Ministry".  
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