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Next Meeting and Fellowship March 7th, 2024, 6:30-8:00 PM, Room A250 (A46). Join Us. All are Welcome.

March 7, 2024 Speaker - Tom Hoenstine.

 Tom Hoenstine. Seeing God at work in a life wearing Army boots:
Raised in a military family. Born in Ft Leavenworth, Kansas. Father was a West Point Graduate who Spent 30 years in the Army.
Graduated West Point and earned Master Paratrooper, Air Assault, Sapper, and Ranger Tabs.

Served in the 82 nd Airborne as platoon leader, battalion staff officer and company executive officer. Deployed on Operation Desert Shield. After 12 years of service in the Army, resigned from the military and moved to Woodstock, Georgia beginning a career in the rehab and property management of HUD subsidized senior housing. In Woodstock, joined FBCW where God has allowed us to serve Him and grow in our faith.Through the ups and downs in the military and family life, God has been faithful and present, guiding me and teaching me about Him.

 News, Saturday, 02/17/2024

(Mission Completed)

Two Veterans Teams are visiting veterans residing at two Bellvue Assisted Living Facilities today. At the request of the veterans living there they will be bringing their Veteran Experiences, coffee, Dunkin Donut munchkins with them.

Our teams understand that soldiers are not islands alone, but in their duty, wherever it may be, their families walk alongside of them in spirit while they serve our country.

Having walked a mile in their boots we can relate to their military experiences.


The Team Leaders are Rev. Stephen Cole, Team #1 and Mr. Bill Logan, Team #2. Please pray for their success in camaraderie. By our efforts may the Lord's Mercy and Goodness be reflected, so that all may know -We have not forgotten.


(Mission Completed)


(Mission Completed)

Our Veterans Meeting 02/01/2024.

ThumbNail of Events:

1. Balance 4 Life, which produces an abundant life, message by Rev. Paul Hahn.

2. Report by Tim Garrett and Darleen Varona regarding the homeless veteran count in our Cherokee Community.

3. Report by Tina Sosebee regarding 'Remote Veterans Mission' and future plans for this team mission.

4. Last of all the umm-umm good Texas Chili and Finger licking Chicken Wings were just as advertised.

5. Mark your calendars for the next meeting, March 7th when again an exciting, informative, and filling meeting will be held,

Coming soon more about some of the events. Stay tuned.

(Mission Completed)

The Veterans & Coffee Team is on a mission to meet with underserved veterans and veteran family members at the Bellevue Assisted Living Facility, 1000 Professional Way, on Jan. 20th at 10:30 AM. We will bring coffee, donuts, bottled water, puzzles, uno cards... and, most importantly our Veteran Experiences from the military. The facility's staff received requests from resident veterans longing to speak to other veterans. Their comment to the staff was, "No one understands."
Yes, we, The Veteran's Team of the CVC, understand.

How this all came about:
Mr. David Snyder lit the match. He visited one of the Assisted facilities and the director, Lily, said that she had a resident who wanted to talk to a veteran as no one on staff had been in the service. All soldiers have similar experiences and can relate to each other as football players can relate to other football players no matter where they come from. JT Cox and I went to see Lily and  fire broke out in the locker room back at the church, praise the Lord.

(Mission completed)

Darleen Varona & Tim Garrett are working with Jim Lindenmayer concerning a county wide report on how many homeless veterans are in Cherokee County.  Tim Garrett, the Team Leader, will report on their endeavors at our February meeting.

(Mission Ongoing)

Our leadership team has asked Steve and Tina Sosebee to assume Team Leader Roles for 'Remote Veterans Missions'. This is a new challenge for our CVC Missions Teams. This February meeting Tina and Steve will take a few minutes to inspire our Team regarding reaching underserved veterans in remote areas. Tina's email is Tina Sosebee <> if you're interested in hearing more of their story and being a part of  their exciting challenge.

Paul Hahn_edited.png

February 1st, 2024.

(Mission Completed)

Join us in fellowship with Rev. Paul Hahn on February 1st, 2024.

Rev. Paul Hahn is a counselor with over 25 years of professional and pastoral experience. He is founder of Balance 4 Life Ministries, a nonprofit counseling service dedicated to helping those who have no insurance or financial means to receive the help they desperately need. Paul and Marcie have an endless passion for helping others. Balance 4 Life Ministries: A ministry, helping people overcome trauma, abuse, neglect, anxiety, depression, discrimination and other challenges so they can experience an abundant life.

All are Welcome, come as you are.

(Refreshments- In addition, Hot Texas Chili will be served, The recipe is a top military secret)

 December 19th, 2023.

Mission Completed

A note from the Director Ms. Hernandez says it all:
Gene, thank you so much for stopping by today. It was great getting to meet Mimi! The staff loved the little munchkin donuts and the residents were SO happy with their gifts. They kept showing them off and receiving compliments from their friends. I’m excited to have your group back with us starting in January.

December 12th, 2023.

(Mission Completed)

We of the Military Ministry of FBCW are honored in partnering with Ms. Alyssa Nidiffer, Director of Resident Experiences, Bellevue Village at Neese Road, in bringing about a little seasonal joy to resident Veterans. Thank you for all you do.

Arrow Exterminators Coats for Homeless Veterans Mission.jpg

First Full Week in December 2023:

(Mission Completed)

Our Missions Team, Darleen Varona and Mimi McGahee collected winter coats for homeless veterans. In that effort We have again partnered up with Arrow Exterminators in their yearly collection. Darleen stands with the Arrow Folks,  'our coats contribution' in the forefront. Thank you Faithful Team.

IWoodstock Arrow Exterminators
8681 Hwy 92, Suite 200 Woodstock, GA 30189

Donors Contact Sheet.jpg

(Mission Completed)


(Mission Completed)


Planting the flags at FBCW

(Mission Completed)

Iwo Jima_edited.png
Doing so... We Remember
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